Patent for Bio-Match®

In 2012, the contents of a letter about personal lubricant and a biological characteristic called osmolality found its way to Good Clean Love® founder Wendy Strgar. In that letter, she discovered that an NIH-funded study had found Good Clean Love’s Almost Naked® Organic Lubricant to be one of the safest products in the study.

For years, Wendy had been forging a path of creating vaginal care products that do no harm, and using bio-mimicry to nudge women’s bodies back to their natural, healthy state. She was later awarded a patent on the idea of Bio-Matched vaginal gels.

Today, Good Clean Love® is proud to offer women a family of Bio-Match® products. Each is scientifically formulated to maintain an optimal acidic pH and support a healthy vaginal ecosystem while avoiding ingredients that irritate sensitive tissue or disrupt the vagina’s delicate balance.

Natural Sexual Health & Wellness

The key to maintaining a healthy vaginal ecosystem is promoting conditions that match optimal vaginal pH and salt balance. Our Bio-Match® products are based on the scientific model of biomimicry, which studies nature's models and uses these processes to solve human problems.

The Science Behind Bio-Match®

Formulated under the guidance of Johns Hopkins biophysicist Dr. Richard Cone and other leading biomedical researchers, all Good Clean Love® products are designed to reinforce the protective actions of healthy vaginal secretions.

Our Bio-Match® Products:

  • Matches natural vaginal pH + supports vaginal flora
  • Iso-osmolar (mimics vaginal secretions)
  • Proper balance of moisture + salt + lactic acid
  • Free from parabens, petrochemicals, + synthetic fragrance

Sampling Program

Samples of our Bio-Match® products are distributed by thousands of doctors and caregivers like you - medical community members who are dedicated to helping women alleviate pain, discomfort, dryness and other common symptoms. Sign up today to begin receiving samples for your clinic or practice.


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