Discovering Bio-Match® for Vaginal Health

The key to maintaining a healthy vaginal ecosystem is promoting conditions that match optimal vaginal pH and salt balance. Our Bio-Match® products are based on the scientific model of biomimicry, which studies nature's models and uses these processes to solve human problems.

Bio-Match® Products:

Supports Vaginal Flora

Matches Natural Vaginal pH

Iso-osmolar (Mimics Vaginal Secretions)

Proper Balance of Moisture, Salt & Lactic Acid

Free from Parabens, Petrochemicals & Synthetic Fragrance

Formulated under the guidance of Johns Hopkins biophysicist Dr. Richard Cone and other leading biomedical researchers, all Good Clean Love® products are designed to reinforce the protective actions of healthy vaginal secretions.


"The Vagina: A Self-Cleaning Oven?"

Watch the replay of our free live webinar presented by Beth DuPriest, PhD, Chief Science Officer for Vaginal Biome Science. In this webinar, Beth DuPriest demystifies the controversial topic of vulvovaginal hygiene and offers suggestions for how to talk with patients about what is safe to use.

  • New! Pain & Itch Relief Gel

    • Fast-Acting Relief from Vulvar Pain & Itch
    • Helps Relieve Irritation and Discomfort Post-partum, Post-surgery, Following Cancer Treatment, and other causes of Vulvitis
    • 4% Lidocaine Solution
  • Patient Samples

    Through the Sexual Health & Wellness Institute (SHWI), a non-profit sister organization of Good Clean Love®, our healthcare sample program provides healthcare professionals with a selection of sample kits for patients to access in a clinical setting. Join us in our commitment to women’s health and request medical samples today!

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