About Us

The Sexual Health & Wellness Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of women's sexual health. We offer scientifically advanced Bio-Match® vaginal care samples to healthcare providers through our flagship sampling program. To date, we have donated over one million patient samples to hospitals, clinics, non-profit organizations, and private practices. SHWI's mission is to create a community platform where physicians, partnerships, and educational resources come together for the expansion of women's health. Our monthly newsletter spotlights healthcare providers and some of the most important topics in sexual wellness. Our donation program also provides vaginal care samples to non-profits, healthcare providers, and organizations dedicated to women's health. We welcome your participation and encourage you to reach out to us for donations, sponsorships, and partnership opportunities. 

Scientific Advisory Board

Our Scientific Advisory Board supports our mission to be a trusted and approved organization for the many medical communities we serve. The board features ten prominent experts representing nearly 100 years of collective professional experience in women's reproductive health. Sexual Health and Wellness Institute prides itself on leading the industry with the most innovative and scientifically advanced Bio-Match™ product recommendations for vaginal care. As our organization continues to expand its education and services, our Scientific Advisory Board will provide future support and expertise in patient needs and industry-leading clinical research.