Gynecologist Recommended

Trusted by healthcare professionals and gynecologists, Good Clean Love® offers scientifically formulated Bio-Match® products sold nationwide. Our products help people suffering from a variety of vulvovaginal symptoms including dryness, irritation, atrophy, abnormal odor and discharge, and dyspareunia.

Request medical samples today and join us in our commitment to women’s health.

Free Samples for Healthcare Organizations

Through the Sexual Health & Wellness Institute (SHWI), a non-profit sister organization of Good Clean Love®, our healthcare sample program provides healthcare professionals with a selection of four sample kits for patients to access in a clinical setting. Each kit contains 36 individual packs, an informational catalog, and an exclusive patient discount code.

Register for our Quarterly Webinar - "The Vagina: A Self-Cleaning Oven?"

Join our free live webinar presented by Beth DuPriest, PhD, Chief Science Officer for Vaginal Biome Science titled, “The Vagina: A Self-Cleaning Oven?” She'll be demystifying the controversial topic of vulvovaginal hygiene and offering suggestions for how to talk with patients about what is safe to use.

  • Date: Wednesday, February 15th, 202
  • Time: 11:30am PT / 2:30pm ET
  • Location: Zoom

Do you participate in healthcare conferences or teach courses?

In addition to our Healthcare Professional Sample Program, SHWI wants to support healthcare professionals who participate in conferences, meetings and/or teach courses by providing them with additional sample donations.

Reach out to to learn more about our sample donation program and order samples for your event.

“I have a patient who has gone through vaginal radiation and had persistent dryness that was painful. She says your products have allowed her not to have ongoing pain and to resume a sexual relationship with her spouse, which she feared was over.”

Sarah C. Wilson, MSN, RN, CNP  GYN Oncology Nurse Practitioner

“Your lubricant has been a lifesaver for many of my patients - the best lubricant ever! Thank you, Good Clean Love! I'm relieved that there has not been one patient who has been "allergic" to it!”

Debra M. Cunningham, WHNP  Alton OB/GYN Associates